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First off welcome to my website! I'm happy you could stop by and have a look around. My name is Gavin Monroe and I have overall moved more than twenty times in my life. I was born in Arizona in a small town outside of Phoenix, and shortly after moved to Iowa for family. We moved a lot because of family and overall caused me to make a lot of new friends all over the midwest. We finally settled in Iowa for the remaining of my high-school education. There I was in advance classes, track & field for five years, basketball for two years, college classes, computer club, honors, and more. I also worked part-time at Hy-vee during this time to overall help me pay for gas, bills, and other expenses. That brings us here today where I'm attending University for Software Engineering at Iowa State. You will not meet anyone more hardworking than me. No matter where my life leads me; I aspire to learn, grow, and overall make myself the best me, I can be.


My days are filled with studying, working, and extra activities like System Development Club (SDC for short). SDC is a club based around building projects (software and hardware) in a team setting usually SCRUM standard. I am a cabinet member, my duties consist of helping members learn and grow by providing knowledge, materials, or anything else that they may need. Outside of SDC; I usually hang out with my friends or attend to my other hobbies. My hobbies consist of photography, software development & design, painting, hiking, basketball, and more. I'm not usually the type of guy who sits around and does nothing for a day. You could say I'm always busy doing something or helping someone. Joy is the feeling I get when I help someone, create something, or problem-solve. That's overall the core reason why I want to become an engineer.

Experience & Achievements

My first computer came at the age when I was fourteen years old. I always had the passion to create works of wonder ever since I was a young boy playing Little Big Planet 2. My passion blossomed when I got into software development. My first ever project I tried to create a web browser using visual basic as a hot plate. From then to now, I keep my passions of working hard and problem-solving with me where ever I go. I used it to not only help my community raise more than five hundred dollars to build a 5K for my community, but also used it to place second in SkillsUSA 2017 Championship for Iowa. This passion also helped me do great in my classes with a GPA of 3.67 in Highschool, 3.87 at Southwestern Community College, and Hixson Scholarship at Iowa State University. This passion wasn't only limited to study and helping people, it also helped me land internships at Buildertrend for Software Engineering, RISE for Software Development, and Information Technology and System Networking at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital. My passion to overall grow my skill-set, work hard, and help people will stay with me for years to come.

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Short Summary

Majority of development my projects including source, documentation, and other information can be found on github! On the other hand any research, progress, or personal projects can be found here on my website! Projects for the most part are for fun and/or to learn something new that I haven't yet. I hope you find something you like!


Development Projects for source, documentation, and other needs. Below is my profile and some of my favorite development projects.

Some development projects will contain a demo that you can find online, test, and play around with. These projects are usually web based or if it's not web based you can simply download them. Some live demos are simple tools that I use only once and others can be complex projects. Either way live demos will have a project page linking to the demo.


Another huge passion of mine is photography. This is more of a hobby than it is a profession. That means I do this for fun and find it as a creative outlet instead of a fine tuned skill-set. I take a lot of photos and a very few of them come out as decent. The one's that I deem worthy for positing will be posted on my Instagram and/or on my website. I started this hobby by wanting to take pictures of the beach in South Padre Island, Texas. This was a spring break trip that I did with my friends and overall had a blast.

  • Family Fireworks

    Photo of my nephew watching his dad light fireworks.
  • Omaha Horizon

    Summer Photo 2019 of the Omaha Skyline.
  • Latenight Lago

    A late night at the office in Lago at Iowa State.
  • Palmer Sunset

    Sunset from Iowa State Palmer building mid winter.

The photos I will upload will be in a project post. Just like I use github for my development projects, alternatively like I mentioned before you can find the pictures also on my Instagram. I usually try to post once a week to overall push myself to become better. I love to take pictures of landscapes, animals, people in action, and more. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Other Projects

Projects that I do usually range in the type of category that it placed in, this is to do with a broad range of hobbies. To find my other projects like painting, hardware, etc you can simply go to my projects page which can be found in my resources below.

scatter_plot Resources

Resume to social media platforms; You can find about anything you need to know in here.

Resume & Coverletter

My resume is updated usually every six months; if not more frequently due to achievements, life events, etc.

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Awards & Achievements
  • Hixson Scholar These awards are designed to demonstrate Iowa State University's commitment to the student potential that exists in various ways beyond the measures of class rank or standardized test scores. link
  • Honor Student Highschool honor student finishing my senior year with a cumulative GPA of 3.57. Was active in various clubs and sports like track and basketball. link
  • 2016 Southwestern Community College Dean's List Full time students who show dedication toward studies and participates in other college activities while maintaining a 3.5 or higher. link
  • 2017 Southwestern Community College Dean's List Full time students who show dedication toward studies and participates in other college activities while maintaining a 3.5 or higher. link
  • Computer Club Secretary Volunteered to help raise money for the club to go to Omaha for AIM Tech each year. This club was at Southwestern Community College link
  • Skills USA 2017 ITSN 2nd Place A Information Technology System and Networking competition that overall tests your skills. I placed second due to a slight miss calculation. link
  • Microsoft Access Certified Finished a class at Southwestern Community College that overall taught Access Databases from Microsoft. Took the exam and passed. link
  • System Development Club Cabinet Systems Development Club is an academic and recreational organization where we create programming projects using industry standard tools and methods. I'm on cabinet to overall teach members, help members, and lead members. link
  • Graceland Community Presentation Event Presented an idea with the idea of bringing your community together; With a team of 5 other students winning $500.00 dollars to jump start that idea.